Grown Homeschoolers Panel Discussion Audio File

Grown Homeschoolers panel from Pat Farenga's Learning In Our Own Way Conference, 2005. Moderated by Sara-Beth Matilsky, a grown homeschooler who did not go to college and "did other things that homeschooling made possible."

Panelists include Aidin Carey (20), a junior at Harvard University; Eli Gerzon, a homeschooler who traveled and volunteered around the world in lieu of going to college and now runs his own business; Kate Hamilton (20), a senior at the University of New Hampshire who spent her junior abroad in Africa; Stephanie D'Arcangelo Dalmer (28) has some college, is a certified yoga instructor, and has two children; Jenine Turner (25) earned a BA and spent her junior year abroad and is a graduate student at Brown University studying computer science.