Swedish homeschoolers ask for our help

Homeschooling in Sweden has always been legal, but it is a little-used option there. However I've been contacted by individual Swedish homeschoolers and a Swedish homeschooling group in recent days because there is now serious legislation that will make homeschooling illegal in all but "extraordinary circumstances." Swedish officials have refused to publicly define what those circumstances may be. Further,  the law also affects alternative schools by forcing them to teach the national curriculum as the primary focus of their efforts, making their philosophical and methodological differences with standarized curricula inconsequential with the stroke of a pen.

To sign their petition and learn more about how you can help preserve Swedish homeschooling freedom visit:

The Swedish Association for Home Education

To read more about the situation in Sweden, there are links on the above site. You can also read this good background article about the situation in this free article from the Spring, 2009 issue Secular Homeschooling.