New Unschooling Documentary Preview

Dr. Robert Kay, a psychiatrist who worked with the Philadelphia public school system for many years, has been a friend and supporter of unschooling for decades. Bob and I have also been friends for a very long time and I always enjoy his ideas and articles about education. Erick Mijlin, of Artifact Pictures, took an interest in Bob and filmed "a meandering conversation about teaching and learning" with him. Bob's genial presentation of the concepts behind mass education and individual learning confirm unschooling as a fantastic option for families. The entire 27-minute DVD is available from Artifcat Pictures. Artifcat has released two excerpts that you can view below.

This summarizes the history of education in under four minutes, relying heavily on John Taylor Gatto, Joel Spring and Michael Katz.

This summarizes, in under two minutes, how and why learning occurs and what we can do to help it flourish.