Class Dismissed Fundraiser

This film is still being made, but everything I’ve read and seen about it so far makes it seem worth supporting. Here is what the director wrote to me:


About Class Dismissed:
All across America, parents are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the state of public education, and a growing number are choosing to pull their children out of school and seek alternative ways to educate them.
The current state of our educational system requires us to assess the purpose of schooling, confront long-standing assumptions about education and seek out developments that will better serve the future. We live in a time where education is under siege from every angle; under-staffing, teacher layoffs, overcrowded classrooms, budget cuts, over-testing and failing grades.
Class Dismissed will focus on the topic of education, specifically the validity of home education as an alternative to the industrial school model. The film will examine the numerous approaches to home learning, exploring both its history and recent growth. There are many choices when it comes to teaching our children, and Class Dismissed will ask some big questions:
·      What does it mean to be educated?
·      Is it possible to get a great education without attending school?
·      What happens to children who never go to traditional school?
·      Can learning outside of a traditional classroom really provide a nurturing and   educationally rich ground for children to grow and blossom?

Class Dismissed will challenge its viewers to take a fresh look at what it means to be educated, and offer up a radical new way of thinking about the process of education.

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Many thanks,
Jeremy Stuart and the Class Dismissed Team