The Empowered World: Fixing What's Broken In Our Own Ways

Steven Zuckerman contacted me months ago about participating in a large, online event to promote social change at the grassroots level and it is now happening. Homeschooling is one way that Steve sees grassroots social change occuring in the field of education, and I was pleased to be asked to be interviewed as part of this program. As you can see from viewing the speakers and interviews for this four-day event, there is a lot of cool stuff happening outside the walls of university, school, and government institutions that isn't getting much international attention, but which is affecting lots of people nonetheless. This event is FREE and will put you in direct touch with such people and their ideas. Here are the details:

As millions of people around the world are looking for progressive improvements in systems that have broken down, Shaping the Future Global is committed to showcasing ideas and how-to-enable actionable events through a global platform. Thousands of people will be experiencing this event. We hope you will be one of them!

We have an incredible event that will start live with presentations in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday, December 1 at 9 a.m.  Holding an event with multiple time zones is never easy, and therefore the events have been aligned with our home base in Melbourne, Australia in mind. 

With all due respect to all listeners and participants, please be advised that all sessions are archiveable and can be listened at your leisure after the events are over.   Some of the events are live, some are pre-recorded.

All events will be made available at the time of broadcast/webcast found at the schedule of events page:

Schedule: Eastern Time USA

Schedule: Melbourne Australia time

 Please note that the start times in other time zones are as follows:

USA Eastern Time (New York, Miami)    Friday, November 30, 5 p.m.

USA Central Time (Chicago) Friday, November 30, 4 p.m.

USA Mountain Time (Denver)  Friday, November 30, 3 p.m.

USA Pacific Time (Los Angeles) Friday, November 30, 2 p.m.

London: Friday, November 30, 10 pm

Geneva/Paris/Munich  Friday, November 30, 11 p.m.

Jerusalem: Saturday, December 1, 12 a.m. Midnight

For all other time zones, please adjust your clock accordingly.

All events are immediately archived for playback after each event is over.

Home page:  and

Presenters Bios:

The Global Peace Centre:

Schedule: Eastern Time USA

Schedule: Melbourne Australia time

We anticipate an amazing, empowering and wonderful event dedicated to enabling progressive change at a time of globalization.