The Legacy of John Holt: A Special Promotion

THE LEGACY OF JOHN HOLT Special Promotion for Kindle Readers.

From Saturday, October 12 until midnight Monday October 14, download The Legacy of John Holt: A Man Who Truly Understood, Trusted, and Respected Children for FREE (normally $9.99).

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This promotion ends October 15, 2013, at midnight.

Discover John Holt, the man, and how he developed his groundbreaking ideas about children and learning by reading stories, interviews, and essays by people who knew him personally. Holt was a key figure in the school reform movement of the 1960s, the children's right's movement in the early 1970s, and the homeschooling movement, which Holt originally called "unschooling," from 1977 to our current day. John Holt's restless desire to improve children's lives kept his thoughts and actions at the cutting edge of social and educational change, where his work continues to help homeschoolers and schoolteachers gain insight and courage for letting children take responsibility for their own learning.

"John Holt's writings continue, even today, to inspire many families to look for ways to allow their children to take control of their own education, whether in home-based learning ("unschooling") or in democratic schools where children control their own learning. For those who have read Holt's books and been inspired, this book is a great supplement. In the words of people who knew him well, it describes Holt as a compassionate friend, who really cared about people and especially about children".—Dr. Peter Gray