Free Learning Without Schooling Webinar, April 12

I'm looking forward to my conversation tomorrow morning with Dr. Nellie Deutsch, who works with WizIQ. I hope you'll be able to join us.

We will talk about my work in homeschooling, how I learned from John Holt and his colleagues about the need for alternatives to school (not just alternative schooling) and how Holt's advocacy of homeschooling (which he termed "unschooling") is a logical extension of his work at helping children get reintegrated into the continuum of life rather than boxed in a classroom. Instead of viewing homeschooling as a way to shelter children, Holt viewed it as a way to free them to explore and learn freely in the world.

Among the topics I hope to cover will be the strong growth of homeschooling (over 2 million children are being taught at home in 2013), why homeschooling works, how the absence of a teacher is a valuable pedagogical technique, and John Holt's ideas about how children learn and what adults can do to help them grow.

Please join me! Come and contribute your thoughts and experiences to this conversation about how learning is the result of the activity of learners, not necessarily the result of teaching.