Unschoolers Wanted for Online Research Study

The researcher below asked me to help her spread the word for volunteers for a project. She is exploring unschooling families, "particularly their roles in facilitating their children's learning as well as their roles in greater societal change." Here is her information:

My name is Kristan Morrison and I am a researcher of alternative forms of learning.  I have written about the Albany Free School, unschooling families, and democratic education in general.  I am also the board president of  a contemplative/progressive school here in SW Virginia.  I am absolutely committed to exploring and chronicling the work of educational pioneers.  I am currently working on a research project about unschooling families- particularly their roles in facilitating their children’s learning as well as their roles in greater societal change.  I have developed an online survey that I am using in order to get some basic information, but also to set up some contacts for some narrative interviews (via telephone).  The survey can be found here:  http://radford.qualtrics.com//SE/?SID=SV_3jxhpMrMLwhfgeV   If you would rather not do the survey and go straight to an interview, that is definitely do-able as well.  Simply contact me at kmorrison12@radford.edu or (540) 831-7120 and we will set up a time that is most convenient for you!  Thank you so much in advance!