European Unschooling Conference

Daragh McInerney, of ALE, Spain ( writes:

This year The European Network of Home Education (TENHE) will have it’s meeting in Switzerland (July 2 to 6, 2014). Associations and groups from around Europe are encouraged to send representatives to continue efforts to benefit from cooperation in Europe. More info can be found here:

The link above takes you to a site that is written in German. By using the Google translate feature you can read the page in your native language, albeit with some amusing, strange syntax. For instance, the German definition of unschooling is translated into English by Google as follows:

. . . a project managed by the child learning in normal housing and living environment of children to imitate together with their parents or caregivers next without any attempt to the traditional school and its curriculum.

It is wonderful that European home educators are banding together to see how they can further cooperate and spread the good news about living and learning with children. It is also an example of how the homeschooling movement can grow broadly instead of polarizing ourselves along political and religious lines. I look forward to reading about how this event turns out.