Opportunities for Teens

I’ve been working on various editing and publishing projects not related to unschooling over the past eight weeks, and now that I turn my attention back to it I find a lot of interesting news and events to share with you. In addition to the state and local unschooling conferences I’ll start this series of posts with other events that families and unschooled teens can participate in and travel to this summer.

Education Transformation Jam 2019

YES! connects, inspires, and collaborates with young and intergenerational leaders for thriving, just and balanced ways of life for all. This is a unique opportunity to co-learn, co-create and JAM with a diversity of folks from around the US and beyond, who are transforming education in dynamic and meaningful ways. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: May, 1, 2019. The 2019 Education Transformation Jam is July 8–14 in Twin Cities,MN To register: https://www.yesworld.org/edjam2019/


Blake Boles and Kerry McDonald, author of Unschooled are among the many fine presenters this weekend in Portland, OR, June 26 to 30. To register: https://www.aeroconference.org/

Panka Academy

This school is in Finland and is founded on the concept that teenagers can address the big issues that concern them by working with people from other countries who are asking similar questions. It offers exchange or gap year programs for 13 to 17 yr. olds. Panka is run on a sociocratic model, giving every member a voice when making decisions together. To register: https://panka.academy/panka/


The Ecoversities Alliance is a collection of “learning practitioners from around the world committed to reimagining higher education to cultivate human and ecological flourishing in response to the critical challenges of our times.” For some interesting travel and experiential education, teens and older folks can explore a great number of options from all over the world. To view: http://ecoversities.org/ecoversities/

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