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Slow Homeschooling

"I think children need slowness even more than adults do. It’s in those moments of quiet, of unstructured time, of boredom even, that kids learn how to look into themselves, how to think and be creative, how to socialize. We are doing a great disservice to our children by pushing them so hard to learn things earlier and earlier and by keeping them so busy . . ."

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The Free, Global, Online Homeschool Conference 2013

What happens when homeschoolers get to use a technological platform reserved for university-level courses (Blackboard Collaborate) to co-create a free, online, nonsectarian homeschooling event? Read about it and see some presentations to draw your own conclusions.

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Buying Learning for Babies is Consumerism Gone Wild, Not Good Parenting

A new study shows that exposing children under 2 to learning videos, apps, and other screen-based educational products is not effective and the educational claims being made by the manufacturers are overblown. But parents seeking an edge for their child continue to purchase these products . . .

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