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Life Without School: A Plea To Unschool Our Learning

News and reports about learning without going to school from Belgium and Colombia. Life Without School–A Plea To Unschool Our Learning is a new title written by two Belgian authors, and Colombian researchers explore the economics of homeschooling/unschooling in their country and the characteristics of a really alternative school.

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Homeschooling News from Argentina, China, and India

In conjunction with this week’s free, online homeschooling conference that I co-chair with Steve Hargadon, last night the Alternative Education Film Festival started. We launched the film festival with La Educacion Prohibida, a wonderful documentary about alternative education in Spanish-speaking countries (with English subtitles), directed by German Doin. Steve and I interviewed German last night and you can view it here . . .

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Homeschooling Summarized in the Congressional Quarterly Researcher

After outlining the general issues the March 7, 2014, Congressional Quarterly Researcher report looks in depth at three key questions:

1. Should governments oversee home schooling more strictly?
2. Is home schooling academically superior to public schooling?
3. Can home schooling help the public school system?


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When Are Global Calls for Support from Homeschoolers Appropriate?

On a tactical level, it seems futile to think by signing an online petition about the laws of a country where I am not a citizen that I will somehow help shape that country’s laws. However, on a strategic level, I can see how all these actions are important and linked . . .

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John Holt on The Phil Donahue Show

This is the complete episode of John Holt and two homeschooling families contending with a fairly hostile audience (one person is so mean in their comments about one of the homeschooled children that Donahue cuts her off!). Though it is from 1981, I think all the criticisms, responses, and issues are pretty much the same today despite the continued growth of homeschooling. What do you think?

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Wes Beach on Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling

Pat Farenga interviews Wes Beach about how his work in school led to his strong support for homeschooling; little-known ways that homeschoolers and other nontraditional learners use to gain access to community college courses; gifted children; and many stories about how Wes helped overcome educational peevishness about people’s learning.

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The Price For Speaking Your Mind About School

Lisa Nielsen, director of digital literacy and citizenship for NYC schools, co-author of Teaching Generation Text: Using Cellphones to Enhance Learning, is unfairly criticized by the NY Post for her support of homeschooling and other heresies against the religion of school. I chose that language because the label attached to the photo here, copied from the Post online, calls this photo "heretic1." Who will be the Post's heretic 2?

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