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Homeschooling Summarized in the Congressional Quarterly Researcher

After outlining the general issues the March 7, 2014, Congressional Quarterly Researcher report looks in depth at three key questions:

1. Should governments oversee home schooling more strictly?
2. Is home schooling academically superior to public schooling?
3. Can home schooling help the public school system?


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When Are Global Calls for Support from Homeschoolers Appropriate?

On a tactical level, it seems futile to think by signing an online petition about the laws of a country where I am not a citizen that I will somehow help shape that country’s laws. However, on a strategic level, I can see how all these actions are important and linked . . .

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Blaming Parents for Poor Schools

President Obama called for “more challenging curriculums and more demanding parents” in his state of the union address and the NY Times has followed this up with a debate on its pages, Blaming Parents for Poor Schools which, I think, encapsulate the issues of why schools are so resistant to change . . .

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Do Hunter–Gatherers Spoil Children?

In 1975 The Continuum Concept was published and John Holt was an early, enthusiastic supporter of the book as another reason why parents should trust themselves and their children to learn and grow without constantly referring to experts to be sure they're doing it okay. Today, hunter-gatherer cultures are studied more but, as this exchange shows, what we can learn from them is difficult for many to grasp.

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The Free, Global, Online Homeschool Conference 2013

What happens when homeschoolers get to use a technological platform reserved for university-level courses (Blackboard Collaborate) to co-create a free, online, nonsectarian homeschooling event? Read about it and see some presentations to draw your own conclusions.

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