What Do I Do Monday? Special Offer

What Do I Do Monday? Special Offer

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June 8, 2018: I found 40 mint copies of this book in my attic. The book's cover price is $15.95. I'll send a copy of the book to you in the US via Media Mail, shipping and handling included, for $10.

If you want the book shipped outside the US, contact me so I can determine your shipping and handling charges.

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In GWS 6 John Holt wrote this about What Do I Do Monday?

Of my own seven books (the eighth, Never Too Late, will appear in October), perhaps the most immediately useful to unschoolers may be What Do I Do Monday? It suggests many specific ways in which children can explore the world (in writing, math, science, etc.), and learn and feel its wholeness and interconnectedness. These were written as classroom projects, but almost all of them could be done by children, or one child, in a family. Even for those who might not want to try any of these projects, the book will show how any interest or activity of a child can be encouraged, and can and will then lead to many other interests and activities.

This book has yet to be scanned and republished by me and won't be for some time as I work on the GWS issue project. If you are interested in this rarely seen and valuable work by John, get your copy while the supply lasts.