Purchase the book for $9.99 and get the Kindle version for .99 cents!  Available alone as Kindle or in ePub and other formats at Smashwords: $2.99

Purchase the book for $9.99 and get the Kindle version for .99 cents!  Available alone as Kindle or in ePub and other formats at Smashwords: $2.99

Welcome to the site about John Holt , a teacher and writer who advocated more humane classrooms and then, when he sensed such school reform was not really wanted by most people, became one of the founders of the homeschooling movement, which Holt originally called "unschooling." Unschooling—learning that doesn't look like school nor has to happen at home—is an effective way to work with, not on, young children and teenagers to help them learn.

Unschooling is also documented in the pages of the magazine Holt founded, Growing Without Schooling (GWS), as are articles, audio, and video recordings of Holt and other pioneers of learning without schooling.

You will also find information, research, and support for learning outside of school.
—Patrick Farenga

"The Legacy of John Holt is unequivocally provocative and memorable."—
The Portland (OR) Book Review, May 29, 2014

"John Holt is rather a hero to the 'unschooling' faction of the homeschooling movement, but his ideas and methods have broad resonance to anyone concerned about our educational system, schools, or children . . .
. . .  The message is abundantly clear from these essays: John Holt was a man to love and be loved. This book is a sensitive and loving tribute, and those who read it will be glad to get to know him through the memories of his friends."The San Francisco Book Review, May 27, 2014

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Pat Farenga's Blog

Pat Farenga's Blog
Why Parents Can Be Successful Teachers at Home

Don't teach the way you were taught: Involve other adults, other kids, and other activities in your children's lives. But most of all, get involved in building an open relationship with your children to best understand what does and doesn't work for them and you . . .

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Homeschooling News from Argentina, China, and India

In conjunction with this week’s free, online homeschooling conference that I co-chair with Steve Hargadon, last night the Alternative Education Film Festival started. We launched the film festival with La Educacion Prohibida, a wonderful documentary about alternative education in Spanish-speaking countries (with English subtitles), directed by German Doin. Steve and I interviewed German last night and you can view it here . . .